Circuit Breaker Timer
Circuit Breaker Timer

Circuit Breaker Timer / Circuit Breaker Timer / Time Interval Meter / Breaker Timer / Breaker Timing Kit / Timing Kit / Circuit Breaker Time Interval Meter / SCOTT timing Kit / Calibration Facility.

Circuit Breaker Timer / Circuit Breaker Timer

We AJIT ELECTRONICS CORPORATION are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Circuit Breaker Timer, Time Interval Meter, Breaker Timer, Breaker Timing Kit, Timing Kit, Circuit Breaker Time Interval Meter, SCOTT timing Kit Loacated in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai, India.

» Micro - Controller based technology
» Very Compact and lightweight
» Very accurate measurements
» Available with built - in thermal printer or RS 232 interface
» Available in bench top and industrial suit case models.
» Economical


  Range:   Upto 9999 millisecond
  Display:   16 X 2 LCD Type
  Accuracy :   0.5%
  Commands:   Close & trip for breakers
  Trip free:   C O timing of breakers
  Reset:   Resets the counter to zero. 
  Input:   a) Potential free contacts R-Y-B and common
    b) +ve and close or +ve and trip can withstands for
    220V AC/DC and 6Amp.
  Supply:   230 V AC, single phase, 50 Hz.

Special Notes :
» The timer will not start if all three contacts are not in same condition.
» The timer will not start for trip free mode if all poles are not open. Display will state the condition of each pole.
» Can check the bounce when close command is issued.
» The timer will scroll for R, Y and B phase with indicating No. of bounces and close duration for each bounce.
» Duration is indication by a,b,c and so on for 6 bounces. Each phase scrolled for approximately 6 seconds.
» If timer does not stop it will indicate that time has exceeded 10 seconds and it will be displayed according to phase.

  CBT -1   Circuit breaker timer
  CBT -1P   Circuit breaker timer with built in thermal printer
  CBT -1PRS   Circuit breaker timer with printer & RS 232 interface